LXD at Choreographers Carnival 2011
January 26, 2011
Performers include Brandon Philips, JD McElroy, Johnny Erasme, Bryan Tanaka, Nugget, Slick, JRock, Pandora, Milky, Jeremy Marinas, Beastmode, Machine, Ashley Galvan, and more. The choreographers include Harry Shum Jr., Christopher Scott, and Galen Hooks.

LXD on 'Conan'
December 8, 2010
Performers include Shelby Rabara, Brandon Philips, Brandon Shaw, Mike Song, JD McElroy, Johnny Erasme, Anis Cheurfa, Boogie Frantick, Slick, Nugget, Pandora, B-boy Casper, and B-boy Gee. The piece was choreographed by Harry Shum, Jr. and Christopher Scott.

LXD on MTV's "The Seven"
October 27, 2010
Performers include Galen Hooks, Madd Chadd, Danny Graham, Jeremy Marinas, Sling, Spyda, Bboy Casper, Jillian Meyers, Jacqueline Ann Kreisler and Emilie Livingston. The performance takes place on Times Square Boulevard in New York City.

LXD on Youtube Play Live
October 21, 2010
Performers include Galen Hooks, Madd Chadd, Danny Graham, Jeremy Marinas, Sling, Spyda, Bboy Casper, Jillian Meyers, Jacqueline Ann Kreisler and Emilie Livingston. The routine was choreographed by Christopher Scott and Galen Hooks. The music is titled “Skyward Bound,” written and composed by Chris Woods, and will be available for download on iTunes soon.

Step Up 3D Cast on Teen Choice Awards 2010
August 9, 2010
Introduced by Jon M. Chu and Adam Sevani, the number is set to Flo Rida’s “Club Can’t Handle Me,” and features Madd Chadd, Keith ‘Remedy’ Stallworth, Terence Dickson, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, Danny Graham, Anis Cheurfa, Ivan ‘Flipz’ Velez, Luigi, and Kendra Andrews. Britney ‘B’ Thomas also performed.

Step Up 3D Cast on Jimmy Fallon
August 7, 2010
This performance includes LXD members Boogie Frantick, JRock, Remedy, Flipz, Kendra Andrews, Cloud, Lil C and tWitch. Joining them are Step Up cast members Tamara Levinson and Britney 'B' Thomas.

Step Up 3D Cast on SYTYCD
July 29, 2010
Though the Step Up 3D cast is not only made up of LXD dancers, it features quite a few. Among them are Aja George, Shonnie Solomon, Terence Dickson, Casper Smart, Duece, Lil C, Cloud, Venum, Luigi, Flipz, Remedy, JRock, Boogie Frantick, Kendra Andrews, and Caity Lotz. Other notable dancers are SYTYCD alum Tony Belessimo, rythmic gymnastics champion Tamara Levinson, and Britney 'B' Thomas. Watch as they perform to tracks from the Step Up 3D soundtrack on So You Think You Can Dance.

Videos will not embed, but you can watch the full performance HERE.

The Oscars 2010
March 7, 2010
The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers performs to the nominees for "Best Score." The number was choreographed by producer Adam Shankman, Jamal Simms, Kayla Radomski, Travis Wall, Christopher Scott, Galen Hooks, and Harry Shum.They are joined by numerous other talented dancers, including SYTYCD alumni Nick Lazarinni, Travis Wall, Ivan Koumaev, Jaime Goodwin, Caitlin Kinney, Kupono Aweau (LXD guest star), Russel Ferguson, Kathryn McCormack, Ellenore Scott, and Kayla Radomski, who performs the duet with Cloud. The LXD also got the largest reaction from George Clooney than any other event from the night.

LXD from Bboy WIZ on Vimeo.

Madd Chadd Promotes The Oscars
March 5, 2010
This features Josh "Ace" Ventura as "Bobby" the janitor, Chris Scott as the boss, and Madd Chadd as the dancing Oscar.
"Yes. That's a dancing golden Oscar....The LXD performs on the Oscars THIS Sunday March 7th. Spread the word, and don't miss it!!
The song is ProNails (Rusko Remix) buy it on iTunes if you like it!!"

TED Talks
March 5, 2010
"The LXD (the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) electrify the TED2010 stage with an emerging global street-dance culture, revved up by the Internet. In a preview of Jon Chu's upcoming Web series, this astonishing troupe show off their superpowers."
Madd Chadd, J Smooth, Kid David, and Lil' C are given introductions and solos. Jon M. Chu gives a speech and introduces the crew. The LXD went down as having the longest standing ovation in TED history. Other known performers include Boogie Frantick, Galen Hooks, Shelby Rabara, Luigi, Aja George, Shonnie Solomon, Terence Dickson, Venum, Duece, Flipz, Anis Cheurfa, Danny Graham, Jeremy Marinas, and Legacy. This is not a complete list.

So You Think You Can Dance
December 2, 2009
Choreographed by Harry Shum, Chris Scott, and Galen Hooks, this performance includes dancers Madd Chadd, Kid David, Shonnie Solmon, Terence Dickson, Luigi, Milky, Kid David, Duece, Lil C, Boogie Frantick, Venum, Milky, Jeremy Marinas, Danny Graham, Anis Cheurfa, and Shelby Rabara. This is not a complete list. The music is "Yellow" by the Vitamin String Quartet.

Ellen's Even Bigger Really Big Show
December 26, 2008
Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas

Choreographed by Christopher Scott and Harry Shum Jr.
Performers: (Note: All listed performers below are not necessarily with the LXD anymore. Very little was known at the time this came out, and as far as we know, no episodes had been shot. The names in bold have been confirmed to still be actively participating with the LXD.)
Valet: Christopher Scott
Bell Hops: Aja George, Shonnie Solomon, Terrence Dickson
Roman Sculptures: Madd Chadd, Lucas Raynaud
Waitresses: Shelby Rebarra, Liinda Garisto
Card Dealer: Bboy Remedy (LXD Guest Star)
Tourists: Bboy Legacy, Bgirl AlStar
Japasnese Tourist: Penni Vasquez
Old Lady: Lady Jules
Online Poker players: KO, Casper Smart
Burlesque Dancers: Carly Lang, Karla Andrade
Bachelorette: Kelly Exum
Tourist with Fanny Pack: Aaron Cooke
Chippendale Dancers: Bboy Spee-D, Bboy Venum
Showgirl: Ava Burnstein
Maintenance man: Rob Rich
Hotel Employee: Jeremy Marinas

Youtube Live
November 22, 2008
Lil' Demon starts off the performance. Other known performers include Legacy, Venum, Madd Chadd, Aja George, Harry Shum, Duece, Shelby Rabara, Shonnie Solomon, Terence Dickson, Jeremy Marinas, and Anis Cheurfa. This is not a complete list.

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