Season 3

(Currently in pre-production)
Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

  • Season 3 will be released in the first quarter of 2012. 1
  • Danny Graham has stated that he will debut in Season 3. 1 His character's name on the Glee tour while performing with the LXD was Antonio. However, his name may be changed for the series. Anis Cheurfa's character name on the tour was Damien, yet it was changed to Achilles once his episodes went online. 1
  • Luke Broadlick of the Ox Crew has confirmed via UStream that he will be returning for Season 3 (12/16/10).
  • Jon M. Chu says in an interview with io9: "And Kristen Bell just came to our premiere a couple of weeks ago, and she really wants to do a cameo. So you may see a little Kristen Bell."
  • "Step Up 3D" star Rick Malambri mentioned via UStream that he and Director/Creator Jon M. Chu discussed a possible LXD appearance in Season 3. Tweet Jon Chu and let him know if you want it to happen!
  • Fresh Redding and Nick DeMoura of the Season 1 "Fanboyz" episode have expressed interest in reprising their roles. 1 2
  • These may just be rumors: various youtube videos and IMDB list Mike Simmers, Jason Williams and SYTYCD veterans Nick Lazarinni, Travis Wall, and Jonathan 'Legacy' Perez as cast members. Perez has previously performed with and choreographed for the LXD, but has never appeared in an episode. The dancers are credited as playing the characters "Dash Michaels", "i", "The Lyracist", "The Guardian", and "Legacy" (go figure). 1 2
  • Keith Quinn, Senior Vice President of Paramount Digital Entertainment, did a presentation on the success and marketing of the LXD at Power to Pixel Conference on October 12. Through slides, we know that the first few words of the title of Season 3 are "The Rise of the..." However, the title for season 2 is listed as "Mark of the Ox," a title which has since changed to "Secrets of the Ra." This may credit the information as false, or since different. The last several words in the description read, "power and uncover the good and evil that lives within all of us" (With such a low resolution, it is very hard to read). 1